An Ounce of Inspiration

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As I sit here at my desk with intentions to write, I am weakened by cold and flu like symptoms non the less, determined to pen my inner most thoughts.  It suddenly occurred to me… that if I were to get up from my seat, walk to the kitchen, open up my medicine cabinet and take just a dose of medicine, my impoverished condition would change for the best.  Throughout life women have taken on numerous roles such as:  mother, wife, sister, friend/confidant, employee, employer, and “queen nurturer” of them all.  We pour out fervent advice, education and information, while giving hope and encouragement along the way.  After we give so much of ourselves, usually we’re left drained, weakened, in need of help, silently making a “SOS” call.

Sometimes we forget that after we “pour out” it’s important to “fill up”… fill up on what?  Just as we give out inspiration, we need to receive inspiration.  You’re probably thinking there just isn’t time in your day to read a few chapters… while I do recommend reading great books, I wholeheartedly believe that if you could get at least a “dose” of inspiration daily, it is sure to provide wisdom, motivation, determination and the drive to start your day.

After taking my dose of natural medicine along with the ray of sunshine flowing through my window, I’m already feeling better! I’m ready to go out and greet the world!  Now here is a word for the soul:

All of your experiences and life altering events have not been for naught, they have all worked together intricately to create a beautiful tapestry called you!  (read:Romans 8:28)


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