Confident Woman of God

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Driven, ambitious, gifted and wise… Yes, that’s you confident woman you are!  That’s who God made you to be; the splendor of His creation, fearfully and wonderfully made!  God of the universe has given you the miraculous gift of life; our life and self worth comes from Him alone!  For it’s in Him that we move, we live and have our being.  He fashioned us in His likeness with such wonderful qualities and unique abilities.  No matter which gift He’s imparted to you, it has it’s part in the grand scheme of life.  God has knitted us together in love to advance His kingdom and enjoy the abundance of life!

Albeit unfortunate yet true, the cares of this life and sometimes poor choices have robbed us of our joy and drive…  We are known to be leading women strong and full of insight… we’ve been beat down by life, abused, ashamed, depressed, oppressed and misused… God’s confident woman left without hope.  What happened to your dreams, your visions, God placed in your heart?  God considers you precious the “apple of His eye”… He’s engraved you in the palm of His hand.  He’s taken all of your misfortunes and those trials you thought would destroy you… and worked it for a greater good.  He made you more stronger, more wiser, a gorgeous vessel fit for His use!  Indeed you are a splendid creation empowered by His spirit to do mighty works now!  Write your vision, go after your dreams, recapture your passion you confident and gracious woman of God!

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