God With Us


I’m reminded of a time when I had dropped my baby off at the babysitter while I went to work.  When I returned, I was told by the sitter that my baby daughter had cried almost, nonstop. When she heard my voice and I picked her up, she began to calm down.  I believe, that during  her constant sobbing if she could have spoken, I’m sure she would have said, “I want my mama!”  For thousands of years God gave us His voice, through His prophets, angels, teachers… but in the manger God gave us himself, Immanuel = “God with us”… God said He would be with us to the very end of age (Matthew 28:20.)  When you go to church to worship, or out running errands or taking a day to relax… God promises to be with you. Don’t undervalue His presence, take a deep breath, count to ten,  and know, He’s omnipresent!

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