God Has So Much More For You!


Don’t be like Eve, don’t keep going after that one thing you just can’t have… the one tree God told her she couldn’t eat from, was the very tree she went after.  There were so many trees in that garden from which she could have eaten… and as it is with us, we have so many opportunities but yet we get stuck on what we shouldn’t have… things and relationships that we really don’t need… Don’t set your sights on that one man, the one that gives you the blues, that brings you nothing but drama and strife.  Don’t keep waiting for the lottery to make you rich… don’t go into “shutdown” mode waiting for something magical to happen.  Open your heart and your mind to the ENDLESS opportunities and blessings God has for you.  He has so much more for you, He promises to give you the wealth of the wicked Prov. 13.22, He promises to make you rich and without sorrow Prov.10.22,  He promises to bring you into your promised land a place that involves the best of life Deut.6.10,11, start seeking God through His word, search the scriptures and strive for a closeness with Him.

God has so much more for you, you beautiful and confident woman; don’t sell yourself short, eat from the tree of life and live abundantly!

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