Coat Check


I’ve gone to many events during times of inclement weather, which called for me to wear an outer coat.  Upon entry of the event, there would be an area set up to receive and store coats.  After the event you would return to that area to retrieve your coat.  Sometimes when we communicate with others it’s as though we have an extra layer of clothing; we will refer to it as an “ugly attitude”. When we display this inappropriate attitude it disheartens our heavenly Father.  This ugliness  comes from a dark place within.  It’s demonstrated at times when we cut people off in conversation, speak over them, or use an ugly tone, or maybe even speak unkind words to them…  Just as soon as we walk away, we usually feel a tugging at our heart, a deep feel of sorrow,  yes that would be the Holy Spirit saying to you, “Check that attitude”.

Don’t be offended, don’t reject Him… He’s gentle, He’s kind and loving, He just wants to make you better.  He wants you to “check” that attitude, leave it at the door… check it quickly!  Don’t let it fester or take root; check it as you would check your coat, immediately, as soon as you arrive.

Unlike a real coat check… leave that attitude, don’t return to pick it up, consider it something extra that you really don’t need; leave it to be LOST and never FOUND again.  And believe you me, you will not miss it!

God Gets The Glory!

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