Do All That You Do To The Glory Of God!


In the workplace today many of you have ambitious managers that rule over you and for the most part, have your best interest at heart along with the success of the company… however, in many cases they are directed to manage with a “heavy hand” placing unreasonable expectations on you that they themselves cannot carry out.  At times you may feel as though your spirit is crushed and your joy is diminishing.  In contrast, Jesus spoke to this matter in Luke 11:46, He said that those who claim to be experts in religious law “crushed” people with unbearable religious demands, and wouldn’t lift a finger to make things easier.

Too many times we complicate faith with too many man-made rules, regulations and requirements when Jesus only requires that we serve Him with all of our heart, mind and soul and walk in obedience to Him.  In the workplace, so many unreasonable demands are being placed upon employees in their varied capacities of work, making it impossible to perform daily tasks successfully.  While the bible instructs us to pray for those who have rule over us (both spiritual and natural), He also promises to give us rest (Matt. 11:28).  Always take the “high road”, don’t work in anger, malice or revengeful;  do all that you do to the glory and honor of God.  As you serve in your place of work, you serve God, so be encouraged to serve well!  He’s got greater things in store for you… new levels, new dimensions, great rewards!  Serve in Jesus name!

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