GETTING BACK TO THE BASICS “A Simple Yet Loving Relationship With God”

the basics6

I am reminded of a time when I served as a committee member of a divorce group of which I was blessed to take part in.  One of the couples responsible for me being selected, started the meeting off by telling their story of how they met.  Towards the end of the story they told of how they had spent their wedding day after the ceremony.  He said they decided to spend that day in a church service giving thanks to God and just simply loving on Him and being in His presence.  My thought was, “how amazing”.  It reminded me of how I would spend most of my off days on Saturday…  stretched out on my bedroom floor or bed with my bible, a few translations of the bible, bible dictionary, commentary, and other spiritual books, diligently engrossed in and basking in the presence of God… just a simple day of pure joy and delight.

At times I think of Adam and Eve, and wonder why couldn’t they just keep their focus and enjoy a beautiful friendship with God and the simplicity of life…  you and I like Adam and Eve, are distracted by many attractive offers, invitations, challenges and much more… some of them exciting, adventurous and rewarding at most.  It could be as simple and innocent as the outfit in the store window calling out to you… “come in, feel the fabric, try it on, take me home”.  When you get it home, you justify the purchase by telling yourself how unique and different it is from anything else you have… sounds familiar?  About four months ago, I accepted a part time position which I enjoyed quite well.  It was exciting and rewarding, in fact it checked off all the boxes on my checklist.  In just a few months after my hire, I was promoted to a higher position which came with yep, more responsibility; my hours multiplied from part time to full time rapidly.  After whirling around and navigating like an octopus, I thought about the hours and rest time I was missing out on that I cherished so much in my friendship with God and the overall simplicity of life.

I knew it was time to carefully develop an appropriate exit strategy… Soooo I sit here today, relaxed, energized, thought process flowing, creativity running rampant, joy flowing as a river, and my heart screaming ferociously “liberty at last”.  I’m back where I belong; in my “sweet spot” and pleasing in His sight!

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