God Brings Good Out Of Bad Situations


The bible states in Genesis 50:24 that Joseph knew he was dying; he told his brothers that God would take them to the land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, overall making them a great nation.  The promised land was described in various places in the bible as being prosperous, filled with milk and honey (good ground, fertile and plentiful).  However, what he didn’t tell them was that it wouldn’t be easy to obtain this land.  He didn’t tell them they were going to suffer hard bondage at the hand of Pharaoh, and that the escape route from Egypt would entail running from their enemy, crossing a sea that appeared impossible to cross, waiting in a desert for their daily provision to fall from the sky and then ridding the land of the current inhabitants… I can’t think of anything in my life experiences that compares to this however, my battle with sweets is very REAL … 

In my early teen years I developed a “sweet tooth” that I had hoped would subside as I grew older.  To say the least, it has increased!  Constantly I have to monitor the situation otherwise, I would wake up to sweets for breakfast then go to bed with sweets as my late night snack.  I’ve had to learn how to do battle… so over the years I have mapped out a plan.  # 1, I’ve educated myself regarding the health issues caused by the abuse of sugar, by reading and taking courses.  Good health is very important to me; I love feeling naturally energized and ready to perform whatever I need or desire to do (I’m not a health nut:).  #2, I focus on the end result, not only will I feel better, my clothes will fit better and I won’t have to buy additional sizes.  #3, When difficult times come, I chew a piece of gum or eat a sweet potato, which usually suffices my sweet tooth quite well.  And lastly, sometimes I just have to give in and enjoy a small amount of candy, cookies, pie or cake:)  Then there’s times when I completely “fall off the wagon”.  Is it easy… No!  Absolutely not!  I have not mastered it.  But I am willing to continue the journey because the end result is not only desired but necessary for me to live abundantly in my promised land God has so graciously given to me.

Ex. 3:8  –  Gen. 50:19-21  –  Ps. 119:71

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