Road Trip


A few days ago my daughter and I embarked on a road trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.  It was a spontaneous “turn-a-round” trip to the Garment District… I mapped out all the stops so that we would stay on schedule and avoid the rush hour traffic on our return.  Anyone who has taken a trip to the Garment District knows that it’s like eating Lays potato chips, you can’t just eat one or two to satisfy… not only did we stop in all the stores on our list, we stopped in just as many that were not on the list.  Needless to say, we did not leave at our planned time for departure… by doing so we were met with rush hour traffic.  Or should I say trapped, bombarded by annoying bumper to bumper traffic.  The thing about it is, you can’t go at your desired speed (over the speed limit:), you can’t call an Uber… I mean what location would you give… you can’t helicopter out… Where would the helicopter land?

determine5Seriously though, there is no way out, but to go through it… As it is with storms, they appear suddenly causing extreme disaster; if you could make it end, you would.  There is no immediate resolve, it has to run it’s course.  However, while in the storm there is a place of calm, that place is referred to “as the eye of the storm” or the center.  In the eye of a storm, skies are often clear above, the eye and winds are relatively light.  It is known as the calmest section of a storm.  The calmness is created because the strong surface winds that converge towards the center never reach it.

While we were in the center of California’s annoying bumper to bumper traffic, God had us in a place of calm… a time of laughter, a time of conversing, sharing old stories, and most of all, a time to strengthen a mother and daughter’s bond of love.

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