I would say, usually “light bulb” moments are times of enlightenment of valuable knowledge and/or wisdom; they equate to amazing revelations.  It is also my belief that some “light bulb” moments come with information that you’ve received early on in life, and that wisdom has sat dormant for quite some time.  For example, recently I was working on an art project and I got stuck when I reached a certain point; I set it aside for awhile then picked it up and started to work on it again, when suddenly I had a “light bulb” moment.  I got an idea of how to bring my project to completion.  As I studied it more, I realized it was something I had done many years prior.

Many times when we hear the Gospel, for most of us it’s not a new message rather, it’s the power behind the message that creates the “Aha” moment, that illuminates and enlightens.  It’s a Word that we’ve heard at various times except this time it comes during a crucial time of need; it comes as a powerful revelation when we need it the most.  

This is the LORD’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. (Psalm 118:23)

2 thoughts on “Aha!

  1. Ah ha – Revelatory! Nicely penned in recapturing The Moment. 👍Keep it coming & keep up the Granular work in blogging👯!!!!


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