Graceful & Amazing!


A few days ago I witnessed something soooo amazing… while on my way to bible study the car in front of me came to a sudden stop.  As far as I could see there was nothing impeding traffic.  But as I waited patiently I saw movement in front of the car, there appeared 6 ducks, all walking fearless in a straight line and all looking forward.  Not one of them broke formation… As a protector, the drake led the four small ducklings across the road, then what appeared to be the mother, walked behind the ducklings making up the end of the formation and as an additional source of protection.

As they all walked with great confidence, I instantly thought of the love God has for me… how He leads me day by day through dangers seen an unseen… many times I’ve driven pass horrific accidents praying for the victims and thinking it could have been me… He rebukes the devour off my life, when I could have taken a hit in my pockets or a hit against my health… like the time I was at Home Depot and a gentleman walked up with my iPhone in hand and said, “Ma’am I believe this belongs to you”… or the time I went for a biopsy and they took another test and discovered what they thought they saw, was not there… As the drake duck goes before the ducklings, God goes before me.  He clears my path, He is my protector, He shields me from the blows of the enemy, He is my deliverer and my comforter.  As the ducklings follow the drake with assurance of getting to their destination safely… I have blessed assurance God will be with me every step I take.

When I walk in the Spirit, I am fearless and confident and focused, not looking to the right not looking to the left but looking straight ahead… following His lead, not distracted by the traffic of life rather centered by His love.

Ps. 143:10b (ESV)  For you are my God!  Let your good Spirit lead me on level ground!

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