Don’t Miss Out!


When you’re facing intense confrontations, the ones that have you thinking about placing your salvation temporarily on a shelf… you’ve tried and tried and you just can’t seem to reach a peaceful solution… Retreat! Let it go!  Follow the lead of God and speak no longer, hold your peace.  Contentious situations can really wear us out… While Moses was leading the Israelites through their Exodus, they complained, nagged, and argued with Moses consistently.  At one point, they were complaining about not having water to drink, which stemmed from a lack of their constant refusal to trust God.  To meet their need, God gave Moses specific directions for the people.  He told Moses to take the rod and gather the people together, then speak to the rock and it would yield water (Num.20:08).  God’s people had irritated Moses to a point of “no return”…. in his anger, he called them a “choice” name then hit the rock rather than speak to it as God commanded him.  In doing so, Moses’ disobedience caused him to miss out on entering the land of promise.

Retreat! Let it go! Don’t miss out on what God has for you.


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