Relevant… or Out of Touch

I remember when a popular bookstore closed their doors because they were no longer connected to the latest ways of promoting and selling goods.  The same is true with quite a few of the brick and mortar fashion stores.  In today’s society, people are highly interested in whats trending… be it fashion, beauty, branding, culture, technology…. and rightly so, it is important to keep up in a world that is rapidly changing and equally important to be life long learners.

While it is important to stay relevant in our earthly lives, it is critical to stay relevant in our spiritual walk.  1) Daily taking up our cross and following Christ, suiting up in our spiritual armor (Eph. 6:13-18),  2) Being available to deliver a word to the weary (Is.50.4) and a word in time of need (Prov.15:23)  3) Be prepared to give an answer of the hope within you at all times (I Peter 3:15) and 4) Walk in humble submission forever learning and growing in Christ.

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