Play Your Part Well!


I once read a story of a man who had a small part in a play; in fact, it was so small, that his entire line could  be given to him verbally.  His line consisted of two words; he was to kneel over a body and say “He’s dead.”  Perhaps you or I would have taken offense to the small role… this man accepted and performed his part with enthusiasm and glee.  This man’s resolve was that when the writers wrote the play they weren’t thinking of him, but when God wrote His story He was thinking of us all.  We all have a part to play; no one’s is more significant than the other.  He cast you in His play; no line too short, no assignment too small.  Play the part well God has given to you then be prepared to enjoy an abundant life!

Psalm 33:15  He fashions their hearts individually; He considers all their works.

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