Great Wealth


True godliness with contentment is itself great wealth.  After all, we brought nothing with us when we came into the world, and we can’t take anything with us when we leave it.  So if we have enough food and clothing, let us be content.  I Timothy 6:6-8

Don’t Miss Out!


When you’re facing intense confrontations, the ones that have you thinking about placing your salvation temporarily on a shelf… you’ve tried and tried and you just can’t seem to reach a peaceful solution… Retreat! Let it go!  Follow the lead of God and speak no longer, hold your peace.  Contentious situations can really wear us out… While Moses was leading the Israelites through their Exodus, they complained, nagged, and argued with Moses consistently.  At one point, they were complaining about not having water to drink, which stemmed from a lack of their constant refusal to trust God.  To meet their need, God gave Moses specific directions for the people.  He told Moses to take the rod and gather the people together, then speak to the rock and it would yield water (Num.20:08).  God’s people had irritated Moses to a point of “no return”…. in his anger, he called them a “choice” name then hit the rock rather than speak to it as God commanded him.  In doing so, Moses’ disobedience caused him to miss out on entering the land of promise.

Retreat! Let it go! Don’t miss out on what God has for you.




Only you can determine your choice of attitude.  Choose wisely, choose carefully, choose confidently!  Charles Swindoll

As the Israelites journeyed through the wilderness, they complained about everything God had done for them… specifically, they complained about the manna God provided as food.  In the book of Numbers, 21st chapter, they referred to manna as “worthless bread”.  In Psalm 78:24-25, the Psalmist described the manna as “food of angels”

As you journey through your day, choose wisely!

When God Seems Distant


Often times when we go to church, we depend on the musician to hit a high note or the choir or soloist to sing an emotional song or the pastor to preach in tune with the musician, to get us to a place of worshiping God.  In this manner, we get high from worship on Sunday then go “MIA” or “AWOL” during the week…  It then becomes justifiable or convenient to say we can’t “feel” God when we are away from church and during the week.  In the old testament when God used Elijah to prove to a foreign nation that He was the true and living God, Elijah performed mightily through unwavering faith and the miraculous power of God.  Then immediately after, Elijah experienced a low ebb…  The evil Jezebel sent out death threats throughout all the land which paralyzed Elijah with fear…. sending him spiraling, delusional and hiding in a cave… AWOL… He completely forgot about the power of God; he felt alone and that God had distanced Himself from him.  He couldn’t feel God’s presence in his life.

When we go through our “highs” and “lows” and feeling as though God is angry with us or punishing us, it’s important to remember worship is not based on an experience.  Worship is your spirit connecting to His.  It’s daily, not just one day, it’s continually, not just for a moment.  BJ Thomas penned these words, “I’m hooked on a feeling, I’m high on believing that you’re in love with me.”  As believers, we are not “hooked” on a feeling, we are “hooked” on the love of God and live by faith.  He wants us to know that He is good and His mercy endures forever and that He will never leave us nor forsake us, and He is still on the throne.  (suggested reading: I Kings 19)