If Today Was My Last…


I’ve spent countless days at the bedside of friends and loved ones and wondered… if today was my last day or days, how would I spend it… while it is easy to say what you will do, it’s not until you’re actually faced with tragic news that you make the necessary choices of what to do.  That being said, if it were my last day or days to live… There’s not a checklist of things I would try to accomplish I don’t believe… I would perhaps start out with a deep soul-search as I converse with God, hoping that I’ve pleased Him in my daily service, then I’d sort out my plethora of emotions.  Then I would call my children near, and ensure that I’ve instilled in them Godly truths, rich  values and the importance of enjoying the abundant life.  For the most part, I’d be in conversation with Jesus, telling Him “Can’t wait to see you soon.”

What about you… what would you do….

Paul said:  For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. Philippians 1:21


Blue Day


Feeling a bit discouraged… feeling a bit blue…  things didn’t go according to plans… Plan A didn’t work neither did Plan B… You’ve tried everything, you’ve exhausted all your means… that last trial just took the wind out of you, causing you to buckle under such a heavy load…. It’s going to be okay, don’t stay there to long.  Pick yourself up, put on your best dress and your favorite pair of heels,glam apply your glamorous lashes, put on your best weave…. Then walk down your “red carpet” of a hallway saying, “I am victorious, I am a child of Christ the King!”  The same power that raised Jesus from the dead, will encourage you this day!

Check Your Vitals


At a large company, in an open office seating plan of many employees, a woman sat at her desk, deceased for 2 days unnoticed.  It wasn’t until the office cleaner came to clean on the weekend and took notice, that she was reported dead.  This account prompts 2 questions… Could this really happen? Could this happen to us?  Could we be so void of life, vacated of emotion, and excitement that someone around us could die and we not know it….  If so it’s time to check our vital signs, find out what stirs you what makes your heart beat, what brings energy and motivation to you.

Isolate yourself and embrace whatever your passion is and get back into life!