What Is The Driving Force In Your Life?


Just as we set out to drive exerting control of our vehicles, driving up one street and down another, there is a driving force within each of us which serves as the motives for our successes or failures.  Some people live by the approval of others, perhaps a parent or maybe a friend, always waiting for them to okay their every idea, plan or decision.  Some people are gripped by fear, afraid to explore new opportunities… they play it safe and operate within a tight perimeter.  They continually listen to voices in their head, whispering “what if they judge me, what if I fail”…  these and other forces can drive your life; they all lead to a dead end road and an unfulfilled life.  If you are not living a life driven by purpose, it’s not to late to start… accept the perfect love of Jesus and allow His love to become your driving force.  His love will align your motives, guide and control you, and give your life ultimate purpose.

My Source


I have purchased and read many self-help books by award winning authors, some rated as bestsellers, and have come to the conclusion that none of these inspired writings can do for me what the word of God can do.  There is conventional wisdom and there is God’s wisdom; when I read God’s word and apply that knowledge to my life, it illuminates my day in a greater way than any other written material.  God’s word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path (Ps.119).  His word is quick and powerful, alive and active.  It is sharper than any two-edged sword (Heb.4:12).  God is the source of my life! He is the beginning and the ending, alpha and omega, everything got started in Him (Col. 1:16). No matter where life takes me, I have decided that I can do nothing apart from Him,  In Him I move, live, and have my being, He’s my everything!

What Does Your Life Speak



Often times people speak volumes by the clothes they wear, the car they drive or even a funky new hair style.  Many opinions of them are arrived at … if the outfit is classy and stylish you may be viewed as a “well kept woman”, if the car you drive is perhaps a Jaguar or Mercedes Benz, you’re probably rich, if you live in the largest house on the block … you could be viewed as wealthy, happy and living the perfect life…  Even though these things speak consistently a plethora of messages, it’s your unspoken heart that matters the most.  It’s your principles, morals, ethics and endeavors that really matter.  Our lives are living epistles read of men.  Strive to speak excellence in all that you do!

You are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read by all men II Cor. 3:2

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