Time Is Precious

Photo by TGH on Pexels.com

As my husband and I proceeded to back out of the garage, I noticed that the garbage containers were out and placed for pick up.  I asked my husband why were they out; he said “Honey today is Friday, trash pick up day.”  I said, “Are you sure… I thought it was Thursday …” he probably wanted to say hello, everyone can’t be wrong… instead, he graciously assured  me that it was in fact Friday.  I thought to myself, oh my, I’ve lost an entire day…  I began to really ponder, what would I have done on Thursday…  Would I have taken time to help someone in need, or visit someone in bonds, or feed someone who’s hungry, or speak a kind word to give healing and hope…

In the midst of my pondering, I came to a conclusion… since I couldn’t get Thursday back, I’ll just live Friday with extreme purpose!

Father God in the name of Jesus, help me to be loving, kind, patient and considerate as I navigate my way through today. Help me to make the most of each hour, setting productive plans that honor you, make new friendships and mend broken bridges.  Help me to explore, maybe learn a new craft… help me to value each day as though it’s “golden” living life to the fullest. Help me to completely realize that the time you have given me is “precious “ purchased by grace.

In the matchless name of Jesus, Amen

3 thoughts on “Time Is Precious

  1. Wow, such a great way to look at the situation. I mean, most of us would have fretted and worried over “losing” a day. However, you turned it into a blessing!


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