When you look at me, it appears as though I have it all together…. every strand of hair in place, flawless makeup, pearly white smile, dressed to impress with a prowess strut…  But underneath it all, a different story is told.  Some days I’m impatient, a little insensitive with others… when I should forgive, I find reasons why I shouldn’t.  You see…. I’m still a work in progress, God is not through with me yet.  But wait a minute now, don’t be so quick to judge me or speak abruptly… God said we’re all working towards perfection, while He shapes us as clay.  So I’ve not yet reached perfection, but I press on to take hold of it as the Master works in me.  As I show up each day for service, humbly surrendering myself to Him…  I am confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you and me, will complete it on the day of His return!

To God Be The Glory!

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