Steward Well


The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof, everything belongs to God; our jobs, our homes, our bank accounts, our relationships, our children… everything belongs to Him.  He entrusts us graciously with all.  Are you complaining at work when given tasks you don’t approve of… Are you spending and dispensing your money foolishly as though it grows on trees… Do you value your friendships your relationships with others… Are you making your place of dwelling comfortable and pleasant or always complaining and wishing you had more square footage…

When you look at everything God has entrusted to you, consider it a great blessing and manage it well!  Your time your energy and everything you have, are all gifts from God; when you start your day, apply God’s wisdom in all that you do.  When you make decisions and set your goals, remember everything that you have is on loan to you.  God has entrusted you with great gifts and abilities, take time to ensure that you manage all well!

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